Venice Carnival 2021: 6 – 16 February (official dates)

Virtual – Digital Venice Carnival 2021: 6 – 16 February (official start/end dates)

The enchantment of the Venice Carnival will be brought to your doorstep no matter where you are, thanks to a calendar of virtual events dedicated to its history and traditions.

Venice Carnival streaming

From February 6 to 7 and from February 11 to 16, at 5:00 pm.

An explosion of fun, improvisations, disguises, music and entertainment, streamed from Venice Palazzo Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, home to Venice Casino (Casinò di Venezia).

Live on the carnival social channels and on Televenezia (digital terrestrial TV channel 71).

Virtual Rooms

You, too, can be a protagonist of the event, thanks to the Venice Carnival Virtual Rooms. Digital events with registration, live from the rooms of Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, dedicated to children (workshops, performances, interactive stories and competitions), teenagers (carnival costumes, tutorials, contests, meet & greet with influencers) and adults (the most Beautiful Mask competition with interviews and entertainment).

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2 months ago

This is not Venice Carnival, this is a virtual joke.

What a shame.

They should have rescheduled the event, sometime later this year.

Venice Expert
Reply to  Carlos
2 months ago

Even if Carnival had been held, relatively few people would have made it to Venice.

Italy’s current infection-control restrictions do not allow traveling between regions.

Foreign tourism is also banned.

Reply to  Venice Expert
2 months ago

Check this fiasco: trying to view the stream from my country ….

2021-02-08 12_33_38-Rai 2 - La diretta in streaming video su RaiPlay — Mozilla Firefox.png
2 months ago

The official Venice Carnival website (and fb page) DO REALIZE that there are also NON ITALIANS reading and participating?

All the details are mostly in Italian language and the English pages are very poor and some are 404 (do not exist).

It is always like that in the official site. Not to mention that is contains old information and generally it is not of any good.

They make so much money from Venice tourism and all those crap taxes, why they can’t build a proper website?

2 months ago

What does that mean? There will be a Carnival in Venice or not? There will be people in the streets with costumes and masks?

I don’t get it.