Venice Carnival 2019: BLAME THE MOON

The dates of the carnival this year are: February 16, 2019 – March 5, 2019


Unpredictable extravagances for dreamers and time travellers.

Fifty years after the moon landing, the Venice Carnival is inspired by the Moon and, looks up at the infinite sky, at the stars and their seductive myths. A bestiary of legends, myths, heroes and characters between dreams and reality is preparing to invade Venice and the mainland, hiding behind the Shakespearean motto “Blame the moon, when it gets too close to the Earth it makes everyone crazy”.

Because the Moon, with its different phases, has the same principles as the masked figures: it shows itself unveiled but wears the sunlight’s noble dress, which makes it shine. To us, it appears varied and mutable, but it is always its same old self. It is the great actor of the Vault of Heaven, bold and moody, a traitor: when it wants to fascinate us, it blushes. The Moon is the Carnival: with its phases, it controls the biological rhythms and reminds us of the passing of time, of birth, adulthood and death. But its death is never final and just like Carnival, it returns each time to make us crazy, us poor primitive creatures waiting for the next full moon.

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