Venice Carnival 2016 Dates

Here are the dates for the Venice Carnival masked extravaganza for 2016: It starts January 23, 2016 in the afternoon at Rio di Cannaregio (23 & 24 weekend are with limited activities). The main events officially start on January 30, 2016 and ends on February 9, 2016 (Martedì Grasso or “Fat Tuesday”).

Venice Carnival 2016
Venice Carnival 2016

23 JANUARY The Festa Veneziana – first part Grand Opening of the 2016 Venice Carnival

24 JANUARY The Festa Veneziana – second part

30 JANUARY Festa delle Marie – the parade, following Festa delle Marie

31 JANUARY Volo dell’Angelo, “Flight of the Angel”

7 FEBRUARY The Eagle “flight” and in Mestre Il Volo dell’Asino

7 FEBRUARY The Best Masked Costume Contest – Award Ceremony

8 FEBRUARY Waiting for the 12 Marie of Carnival

9 FEBRUARY The Festa delle Marie 2015 – Award Ceremony

9 FEBRUARY The “Svolo del Leon” let’s celebrate the highest tribute to the Lion of San Marco, painted on a large canvas, symbol of our city that, exceptionally, will fly up to the bell tower over the audience in the square.

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