Venice Carnival 2011: Ottocento – Da Senso a Sissi – La città delle donne

Venice discovers in 2011 the vibrant soul of its “theme” Carnival. “Ottocento” the nineteenth century evocation, will outline the Carnival, edition 2011, scheduled on February 19th and 20th, and from February 26th to March 8th. It will be developed among romantic suggestions and Risorgimento impulses, charming redingotes, top hats, corsets and crinolines.

Venice and Carnevale are made for each other …

Venice Carnival is a celebration about history, art, music, theater and of course drama. Thousands of people travel from all the world just to attend or perform in the Venetian Carnival.

Revelers with traditional costumes (or not) and wearing venetian carnival masks are almost everywhere, on every corner, in all piazzetas and campos.

Venezia, “La Serenissima”, is a unique city, situated  on  120 islands  formed by 180 canals. While there are many festivities in other Italian cities, there  could be no better place for the Carnival, than the land that gave us Casanova and Vivaldi.

The Official Venice Carnival Program (pdf)

The official date for Venice Carnival 2011 is from February 26 to March 8.

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