Venice Biennale 2017: 10 Best Fringe Events

I’m standing on the edge of the Grand Canal in Venice looking up at a glittering golden tower. This is not one of the city’s many bell towers catching the light, but a 20m-high artwork by James Lee Byars. Byars died in 1997, but this is a new version of a piece he created in 1990.

Most people associate the Venice Art Biennale with the national pavilions in the Giardini (Biennale gardens) or the main site at the Arsenale – the former dockyards. But the city is full of unexpected sights during the festival, which opened last week and runs until 26 November. Works by artists from all over the world are installed in palazzos, churches and squares across the whole city. Most of these shows are free, and many are in places which would otherwise be closed to the public. So grab a good map and seek out our top 10 fringe shows to see at this year’s event.

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