A bucketful of Venice

Venice: The Floating City

For a millennium, Venice has provided inspiration for artists and writers. This coveted city is made up of 118 islands linked by 453 bridges. Each corner of town exhibits individual architectural magnificence, the city combining as one to form a spectacular theatrical stage set. Beautiful

Carnival in Venice

Venice Carnival 2018 Dates

Here are the dates for the Venice Carnival masked extravaganza for 2018: It starts officially on 27 (Saturday) of January and ends on 13th of February 2018. More details here: Venice Carnival Events

Venice Carnival ~ Carnevale di Venezia, Italiana 2010 (Italy)

Get Masked For Your Special Venice Carnival

For those of you who don’t know what to expect from it, be ready for the unexpected. Hopefully you will be enchanted by a foggy day, where people with long cloaks and masks mysteriously appear and disappear on the ancient Venetian alleys (calli), or maybe

Venice Carnival: Once In A Lifetime Experience

The Venice Carnival is one of those events travelers dream of attending it is a once in a lifetime experience. The Carnival is held annually in Venice, northern Italy about 2 weeks before Ash-Wednesday and runs for 2 weeks. How did the Venice Carnival start

Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival Information

Carnevale di Venezia or the Carnival of Venice is one of the world’s most popular festivals. Feats of acrobats, rhythm of musicians, hilarious antics of clowns, mysterious skills of the magicians, vibrant costumes and mile-long parades are what drove spectators from all over the globe


Venice Carnival 2017 Dates

Here are the dates for the Venice Carnival masked extravaganza for 2017: It starts officially on 18 February and ends on 28 February 2017.