Car Parking in Venice

The parking areas at Piazzale Roma: the Autorimessa Comunale, the Garage S. Marco and the small open air car park S. Andrea. One alternative is the large car park on the Tronchetto island. From the Tronchetto Island you reach Venice by waterbus line 82. To reach Tronchetto island, turn right immediately at the end of the Ponte della Libertà just before youget to Piazzale Roma.

An other possibility is leaving your car in Mestre – parking it in the small car parks before you reach the Ponte della Libertà or in those opposite to the railway station of Mestre and reach Venice by bus (Line 2) or by train (ten minutes ride). Once you have parked your car and therefore solved one of the main ploblems arrivingin Venice, your adventure can start: on foot or by waterbus.

This is the list of Parkings in Piazzale Roma, Tronchetto and Mestre (it is best to park in Mestre, either next to the railroad station or in the San Giuliano)

  • ASM Venezia Piazzale Roma Garage (Loc. Piazzale Roma) tel. 0412727301
  • Parking Sant’Andrea (Loc. Piazzale Roma) tel. 0412727304
  • ASM Parking San Giuliano tel. 0415322632
  • ASM Mestre Piazzale Candiani tel. 041976844-985616
  • Venezia Tronchetto Parking (Isola del Tronchetto) tel. 0415207555
  • Venezia Garage San Marco (Loc. Piazzale Roma) tel. 0415232213
  • Fusina Park Terminal tel. 0415470160
  • Tessera Park Marco Polo (Aeroporto di Marco Polo) tel. 0415415913
  • Garage Europa (Mestre) tel. 041959202
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