Attractions and Art Appreciation in Venice

A vacation in Venice is one of the most enjoyable trips that one can ever have. This is because the experience would finally fulfill dreams for an ultimate adventure getaway. For people who have not set foot on the Venice, a tour vacation is a perfect opportunity because it can give you eases and comfort in exploring the sites of the wonderful place.

Venice the city itself is very historic. So while on a vacation there, sight-seeing opportunities could be unlimited. When you go there on a vacation, it is a must to see the main (if not the major) tourist attraction offered by the city: the Piazza San Marco or the St. Marks Square. Here, you can visit the wonderful St. Marks Basilica, The Doges Palace with its amazing bell-tower as well as many other local establishments that are great for sightseeing and photo opportunities.

A visit in the St. Mark’s Square is only the “appetizer” in the list of must-see attractions in Venice. The next would be riding the world-famous “Gondolas” which is a staple picture of any Venice vacation. Riding the Venetian Gondola is a must for those who set foot on Venice the first time because it provides an ease and comfortable tour of the city. Gondolas a usually rented for a specific period of time and you can ask the driver to cruise you along the narrower canals inside the inner quarters of Venice. You can take a tour of the city via The Grand Canal first then you can take the back canals which will provide you a more intimate feel of the city.

Venice gondolas
By: Kosala Bandara

Next would be a tour of the Grand Canal which is the biggest—and most detailed —tourist attractions in Venice. This canal stretches from the railway station down to the far end of the city where St. Marks Square is located. The ideal means of touring the Grand Canal would be through the Grand Canal Boat Tour that offers convenient route for the most wonderful sites within the city.

Aside from visiting the St. Marks square, the Basilica, and the Doges Palace located in the San Marco District, other must-see attractions in Venice would ideally include sightseeing in the Castello District that features the “Arsenale,” the “Biennale Art Exhibitions” as well as other public gardens. You can also visit the main attractions offered by the Dorsoduro District including the “Accademia,” the “Peggy Guggenheim Museum” that features rare Gondola workshops as well as the “Campo Santa Margherita.”

If you have more time, try to go around the Cannaregio District where you can find the “Jewish Ghetto,” and the “Ca D’oro,” as well as the San Polo district for great bargains at the “Venetian Mercantile Empire” and “Rialto Fish Market,” and a wonderful features of the “Frari Church”.

A complete tour of Venice would include a visit to its museums and art galleries where you can see the works by almost all great Venetian masters like Titian, Bellini, Tintoretto and Giorgione. Aside from the Peggy Guggenheim museum, other museums and art galleries that you must visit should include “The Correr museum,” the “Naval Museum,” the “Gallerie dell’Accademia,” the “Museo Civico Correr,” and the “Glass Museum at Murano.”

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