Venice Walking Tour – Documentary Film

Explore the magic of Italian Venice, the city of romance, and it is universally considered to be the most beautiful city in the world. We invite you to take a virtual tour to the gorgeous Venice, enjoy its’ streets and canals together with a new

Venetian Mask

The History Of The Venetian Mask

The history of the Venetian Mask is one which sounds as though it stems from fairytale or legend but which goes to show that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Way back in the 13th Century, Venice was more than just a small city in

Remnants of rain, Piazza Sa Marco

Venice Obliged Destination For Tourism In Italy

Many resorts are envied to Italy and these offer to visitors the opportunity to discover the history of this country between monuments and architecture beauties as well as beautiful landscapes and natural wealth. Certainly, thinking to Italy one obliged trip among many, is a stay

Carnaval de Venise 2012

Venice Carnival Dates until 2024 (updated)

What are the dates of Venetian Carnival each year ? It is very easy to approximately calculate them. Venice Carnival begins two Fridays before Ash Wednesday each year. It starts on Saturday and ends after 10 days on Mardi Gras Tuesday. The official dates of